Pair of keys for Fastec Trailer locks for codes: CF301-CF350


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this item is for 2 keys for Fastec RV and Trailer locks, You must choose the right code. The code will be stamped on the key


will fit the following codes:


Additional information

Key Code:

CF301, CF302, CF303, CF304, CF305, CF306, CF307, CF308, CF309, CF310, CF311, CF312, CF313, CF314, CF315, CF316, CF317, CF318, CF319, CF320, CF321, CF322, CF323, CF324, CF325, CF326, CF327, CF328, CF329, CF330, CF331, CF332, CF333, CF334, CF335, CF336, CF337, CF338, CF339, CF340, CF341, CF342, CF343, CF344, CF345, CF346, CF347, CF348, CF349, CF350